Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 90 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms Affiliates will receive commission after an ordered has been successfully placed, delivered, and the recipient has not initiated a refund or chargeback. Affiliates will only receive commission on one order per referral (no commission on subsequent subscription orders).

Here at FireRoad, we craft nutrient-dense, protein-packed, plant-based meals. Each meal is frozen right after preparation to lock in flavor, and delivered to your doorstep. You can eat them whenever you want - making convenience a part of a busy, active, healthy lifestyle. Our affiliate program is designed for people passionate about plant-based eating. Maybe you’re living a busy life on the go, or you’re an athlete. Maybe you’re a full-time vegan - or just trying to get some more plants in your diet. Whatever your reason, we’re here to collaborate with you and start a partnership around quality meals. 

Our Affiliate Program

Affiliates are folks who have experienced FireRoad and want to share the love with others. Each affiliate receives a unique discount code or shareable link, and receives a commission when someone purchases from our website using either the link or the code. It’s a win-win: your friends get a discount and get to enjoy FireRoad and you get some love from us in return (generally a % of the sale or flat amount).   

We encourage affiliates to share their codes on social media, as well as post photos of their FireRoad meals in order to inspire others to use your discount code. If you’re interested in being an affiliate, we also welcome you to apply for the program here. 

Who Are We Looking For? 

  • FireRoad customer

  • Passionate about healthy eating 

  • Loves the convenience of our quick, nutritious meals

  • Has a circle of people (IRL or online) that would be interested in eating convenient, healthy meals delivered right to their door

Many of our partners are workout enthusiasts, interested in wellness, or are always on-the-go. But we welcome affiliates from all walks of life - if you love our food, you can fit into our program. 

Affiliates will not use foul language or hate speech when posting about FireRoad. FireRoad reserves the right to terminate any affiliate relationship at any time, for any reason. Affiliates will be paid 10% commission on all orders placed with their unique referral code OR made with their unique referral link. Affiliates will only be paid for legitimate, non-fraudulent orders that are successfully completed, delivered, and not refunded or disputed. Affiliates will be paid once monthly for completed and approved orders. 

Affiliate codes and links will remain active for one year from date of activation. At that time, either the affiliate or FireRoad may request to extend or terminate the relationship. Either the affiliate or FireRoad may request to terminate the relationship at any time. Affiliates are not to use their code or link on their own personal orders. 

Affiliates will be paid commission only once per referral. Subscription orders will not result in recurring commission payments. 

For information regarding our privacy policy please visit:

If you post photos of your FireRoad purchase while part of our affiliate program, we may ask for your permission to repost this content. We will only depict you in a positive light, and will not significantly alter the appearance of your photo.